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"Best quality of #halal #ramen "

This restaurant does not serve pork and alcohol at all. This also includes ingredients derived from those mentioned products. "We only use ingredients that adhered to regulation set by Japan's Halal Certification. "








Product Features
Made with Hokkaido wheat

Stores at room temperature for up to 10 months.

It is a perfect gift or souvenir for overseas customers!

The fresh noodles have a firm texture, and the chicken noodle soup is a replica of the taste of HONNORU's restaurant.

The product consists of fresh noodles and soup only. (2 servings per pack) Toppings are not included.








Recommended way to eat
Add sambal to taste for a spicy ramen.

If you don't have sambal, you can also use raayu (Chinese chili oil).

White pepper is recommended as an accent.

It is also delicious with garlic paste if you like.

Fried chicken goes very well with this dish. It is also delicious with your favorite vegetables and other toppings.

We recommend boiling the noodles for 2 minutes if you prefer hard noodles, or 2.5 minutes if you prefer softer noodles.

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Store Locations
Noodle Shop HONNORU currently operates six stores: Ebisu, Asakusa, Shinjuku Gyoen, Nagoya, Kyoto, and Osaka Namba.

The photo shows the Osaka Namba branch.


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